Diminished Men set to release third album Vision In Crime in February

Diminished Men - Vision In CrimeWelcome to 2016. We’re kicking the year off big, with Seattle based trio Diminished Men, consisting of Steve Schmitt on guitars, Simon Henneman on bass and drummer Dave Abramson, who is also a member of Master Musicians of Bukkake and has collaborated with Eyvind Kang, Secret Chiefs 3, Climax Golden Twins and Grails, to name but a few.
Comes February 26th, the band will release their third album, Vision In Crime, via Sun City Girl’s label Abduction Records. The album “unfolds like a paranormal detective story full of delinquent exotica, deranged noir, hyperventilating surf, and shortwave radio nightmares”, says the press release. It continues to describe the album as “a feature length escapade that sidewinds through jazz and soundtrack territories, as well as the outer reaches of the experimental satellite genres, retaining the unmistakeable character of the band so far, while also evoking a premonition more sinister than ever before”.

Ahead of its release, Diminished Men have shared the stunning and enigmatic Aegean Sea inspired ‘Oistros Dolorous’. It calls for repeated listens and leave us salivating for more.

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