Constellation announces new album from Matthew Patton’s project Those Who Walk Away

Those Who Walk Away - The Infected MassWhen there’s new releases on Constellation, we know better to take note. So meet Winnipeg based composer Matthew Patton, who is the latest artist to join the label. Under the moniker Those Who Walk Away, Patton is set to release several works, the first of which is entitled The Infected Mass and will see the light of day on March 17th.
Recorded in Winnipeg and Reykjavik, the album is described as “a haunted and profoundly emotive requiem of minimalist composition that combines ghostly strings and choral voices with musique concrète”. Patton elaborates on the album:

“There is something very genuine and at the same time very wrong in what I am doing. The recordings are very disturbing; as we listen to these cockpit voice recordings, real people are about to die. I don’t know why I am doing something that feels so wrong. But I am. This work is disturbingly personal for me. The music is filled with ghosts and artifacts I couldn’t erase. It is filled to the saturation point with a pathology which infects everything, of decayed memories haunted by the ghost of my brother, who was killed in a plane crash.”

We can already get a taster of The Infected Mass with two delicate and affecting movements, ‘First Degraded Hymn’ and ‘First Partially Recollected Conversation’. Take a listen now.

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