Listen to M. Craft’s ‘Hips Meds Frolic’ off upcoming album Blood Moon Deconstructed

Photo: Kristy Campbell

Martin Craft, better known as M. Craft, released his third album Blood Moon last year. The Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has reinterpreted and reworked his own album, creating a new instrumental offering, Blood Moon Deconstructed, set for release next month. While some tracks were stripped back, others were rebirthed as new compositions. “I found myself hearing a new, different potential within the record”, Craft said. “I knew there were interesting layers beneath the finals songs which could be mined for sound.”
Rooted in piano improvisations, Blood Moon Deconstructed saw M. Craft enlist a number of incredible guest contributors including Mary Lattimore on harp, Paul Cartwright on violins, Maxwell Sterling on double bass and Seb Rochford on drums amongst many more.

For a taste of the album, listen to the riveting opening track ‘Hips Meds Frolic’ below.

Blood Moon Deconstructed is out on December 15th on Heavenly Recordings.

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