Erased Tapes to reissue Hatis Noit’s Illogical Dance EP next month

London based Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit has signed to Erased Tapes, who will reissue her Illogical Dance EP. Originally released in 2015 and available only in her native Japan, the 4-track EP will be out worldwide on March 23rd. Hatis Noit, whose name means the stem of the lotus flower, draws from a variety of genres and traditions, including western classical music, Japanese folk, whispering, and poetry reading. All the sounds on Illogical Dance come from her mouth, with her mesmerizing and wordless improvised vocals multi-layered to create each song.

“The human voice is our oldest, most primal yet most powerful instrument”, said Hatis Noit. “I use it to describe nature’s many sounds, a language that isn’t logical. Yet it forms a beautiful conversation that isn’t restricted to words like the human language is. I want my music to remind us of that.”

Illogical Dance was co-produced by Haruhisa Tanaka and Matmos, and ahead of its reissue, let yourself be marvelled by the staggering beauty of ‘Illogical Lullaby’.

In other related news, Hatis Noit is performing at London’s Jazz Cafe on April 15th and at Devon’s Sea Change Festival in August.

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