Three Trapped Tigers’ Matt Calvert announces debut album Typewritten

If you’ve been following CTD for a while, you’ll be no stranger to the mighty London based trio Three Trapped Tigers, and its incredibly talented members, Tom Rogerson, Adam Betts and Matt Calvert. Rogerson and Betts have both graced us with solo albums in the last couple of years and we’re excited to know composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Calvert has his debut solo record on the way. Entitled Typewritten, the album was “all performed, not programmed” by Calvert and a bunch of collaborators across several locations in Europe. Calvert had this to say about it:

“With both Typewritten and Three Trapped Tigers, the focus is on sound and the influence of electronic music on traditional instruments. Especially with all the percussive elements, here we asked what typically ‘electronic’ sounds can we recreate acoustically? Ultimately I wanted to find a sound distinct from what people typically imagine when the word ‘acoustic’ is mentioned, whether that is a jazz quartet, string quartet, a folk singer or various ‘world’ styles. Even where any of those might be an influence, like on S Waltz, which is almost chamber jazz, or Nothing to Envy, which has classical elements, I wanted to bring a freshness to them with some electronic-inspired touches, like imitating delay effects or making the tuned percussion sound like it had been chopped up in post-production.”

Typewritten arrives on September 7th trough Truant and we can already hear the stunning first single ‘12051’. Take a listen now.

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