Trond Kallevåg Hansen’s new album Bedehus & Hawaii out today

Today sees the release of Bedehus & Hawaii, the new album from acclaimed guitarist and composer Trond Kallevåg Hansen, a stalwart of the Norwegian jazz scene. Bedehus & Hawaii had been a floating idea in Hansen´s mind for a long time and was originally commissioned for Sildajazz in 2017. He had this to say about it:

“I’ve deliberately used references and inspiration from my own upbringing on the west coast of Norway where I spent many summers with my grandparents on the little island of Bomlo, where both the chapel buildings and the music were central to life there. It’s funny because I noticed that music from this community can be very similar to Hawaiian music and this perception naturally directed me towards musicians that I’ve been really fascinated by, like Ry Cooder and David Lindley, and also Hawaiian guitarists Joseph Spence and Ray Kane. Simultaneously, I started to listen to the great Norwegian guitarist Geir Sundstøl, who is heavily influenced by this music. He was already a musical hero to me so when he agreed to join the ensemble for this project I was so happy. We even recorded the album in the same studio as his own ‘Brødløs’.”

In addition to longtime partners Alexander Hoholm on double bass, Ivar Myhrset Asheim on drums and percussion, and violinist Adrian Løseth Waade, Hansen also enlisted the help of guest Geir Sundstøl. “Pedal steel guitar is probably the most beautiful sounding instrument I know”, said Hansen, “and to have Norway’s most respected and in-demand guitarist playing on my album was surreal and amazing.”

‘Flukt’ serves as a wonderful taste from the record. Take a listen now.

Bedehus & Hawaii is out now through Hubro 

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