Brand new album by IG88 out today

IG88 - A Loom And Not Me A Loom And Not Me is the brand new album by IG88, the moniker used by Seattle-born electronic artist Branden Clarke.
A Loom And Not Me is an astounding and heartfelt album with beautiful melodies and harmonies combining lush electronics with organic instruments that won me over after just one listen.

“Sometimes, we want sound — bleeps, burps, squawks, zips, static, clicks –- and sometimes we want the kind of auditory sensation that swells our brain and dead-weds us to the measure. Sometimes we want a damn guitar. Most of the time, we want it all.” says the blurb that goes with the album’s release. “With A Loom and Not Me, IG88′s first release with Nueva Forma, our ears give praise. Collaborator Jenni Potts grabs your hand from the start and grounds the album throughout in a way that only an balletic, weightless voice can. Intentions of a Dart Frog is a projectile, kinetic jam that won’t let you go. Bed of Stars enter just in time with the titular track to tie you up into a ball and bounce you on into the second half of things.
Then there are the brilliant clusters of abounding space in between until Coughing on Syrup Shores clangs around in your jellied head like the guts of an arcade game and spits you back out like a contraband nickel that’s just had the ride of its life. Listen for flux, for soul, for willful racket. Listen for it all.”

A Loom And Not Me is out today via audio/visual label Nueva Forma. Head over to bandcamp to stream and buy the album.

Here’s ‘Intentions of a Dart Frog (feat Jenni Potts)’ and ‘Gateway Hug’, two radiant tracks off the album. Enjoy.

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