Sarathy Korwar shares video for new single ‘Coolie’ (feat. Delhi Sultanate & Prabh Deep)

Percussionist, producer and composer Sarathy Korwar has shared a video for ‘Coolie’, a track lifted from his recently released second album More Arriving. The track features Indian reggae/dancehall artist Delhi Sultanate and Delhi-based Punjabi rapper Prabh Deep. Speaking about the track, Korwar explained it “is based on the history of indentured Indian labourers (know as coolies) being used to replace African slaves on sugar plantations after slavery was abolished,” adding that “many rich multi-national companies like Tata and EIC made huge sums of money through this trade of people and labour.”

Tushar Menon made the video. Watch it now.

More Arriving is out now through The Leaf Label

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