Filastine’s Spring bonanza: new EP, new LP and world tour

Filastine - £00T

Filastine is the prolific project of Los Angeles born, Barcelona based audio visual artist Grey Filastine.

April 3rd will see the release of his third full-length album entitled £00T.
£00T aka LOOT is described by Filastine as “a near-future post-capitalist utopian currency for floating pirate republics”.

“In a commandeered shopping cart strung with contact mics, in an old-growth Indonesian forest a mile’s walk from the nearest dirt road, it begins.” says the issues press release. “Dreams of two-way radio static direct from future floating cities fade in and out, trading licks with ecstatic idiophones, the buzz of gut strings. The world is coming apart at the seams, ripped by injustice, craven stupidity, global weirding.
Filastine belts a siren call to salvage and unite the brilliant sonic pieces. At the intersection of unabashed globalism and bass music, the wandering arts instigator takes dance music to its outer-national limits on £00T incorporating and dismantling lush sounds from North Africa, Brazil, Java—and from down the street where all the noise and protest hum.”

To coincide with the album release, Filastine is launching a year long world tour with stops in every continent. Filastine has recently dropped a £00T world tour teaser video where he performs with Javanese vocalist and storyteller Nova on the rooftop of his studio in el Raval, Barcelona. Filastine first met Nova in a Jakarta artist squat when she organized a generator-power gig for him.
The video features excerpts from two tracks off £00T , ‘Gendjer2’ and ‘Lost Records’ and ‘Btalla’, a track off 2009’s Dirty Bomb.

Ahead of the album, Filastine will release the Colony Collapse EP on February 28th. The EP comes backed with remixes by Beats Antique, Squeaky Lobster, L’Ouef Raide and Fletcher in Dub. Hit this link to watch the EP video teaser.

Check out below the £00T world tour teaser video and listen to a preview of new track ‘Shanty Tones’.
This leaves me highly anticipating the arrival of Spring.

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