Becker & Mukai announce new album, Time Very Near, and share first single ‘The Double’

Becker & Mukai is the super duo of French composer Jean-Gabriel Becker and London based Japanese multitalented and ultraprolific musician and producer Susumu Mukai. Becker is known for his extensive work on film soundtracks and producing music under several guises, and Mukai’s sonic explorations include forays in a myriad of styles, projects and collaborations, including Vanishing Twin, Floating Points, Off World and Fimber Bravo, not to mention his phenomenally brilliant alter ego Zongamin.

A match made in heaven, Becker and Mukai’s collaboration started with jams in an underground studio/den in East London nearly four years ago, as the press release explains. “Beginning as exploratory and spontaneous, these improv sessions evolved as the duo found their own blend, which came to combine Tunisian saxophones and West-African shakers with FM synthesisers and Eventide harmonizers.”

Eyes EP was their first release in 2018, followed by another EP, Auf Togo meets Becker & Mukai. Now Becker and Mukai are set to release a new album entitled Time Very Near. The good news comes paired with the ‘The Double’, the first thrilling taste of it. Take a listen below.

Time Very Near is out on April 20th

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