Koki Nakano’s new album Pre-Choreographed out now

Last week saw the release of Pre-Choreographed, the new album from from Japanese neoclassical pianist Koki Nakano, following his 2016’s debut Lift. As the title suggests, the binary relationship between music and dance is at the heart of Pre-Choreographed. “When I compose, I keep images of bodies in a state of movement up in my head”, explained Nakano. “They’re a great help to me when it comes to structuring each of my pieces, which develop as if they were responding to those movements.”

Along with the album, Nakano released a series of choreographed music videos, including a video accompanying the beautiful ‘Near-Perfect Synchronisation’. The video was directed by Benjamin Seroussi and choreographed by Amala Dianor, who stars in the video. Watch it below.

Pre-Choreographed is out now through No Format!

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