GRID release second album Decomposing Force

Photo: Dominika Michalowska

Brooklyn noise jazz trio GRID released their second album, Decomposing Force, last week through NNA Tapes. Progressing from their 2017 self-titled debut, Matt Nelson, Tim Dahl and Nick Podgurski, who make up the trio, recorded the album live in one room with no overdubs and mixed to 1/2 inch tape. With a vision of music that eschews classification, steeped in a palpable sense of heaviness, Decomposing Force taps into the band member’s background in free-jazz and improvisational music, as well as Doom-Metal, Noise, and Ambient influences. “Built on the tenets of weight, difficulty, challenge, collaboration, and adaptability”, as the press release describes, “GRID constructs and confronts the oppressive dark—not with transcendent opposition but with an embrace, diving deeper in as a way through. Decomposing Force is sonic catharsis of the highest and harshest caliber.”

For a taste of what they are throwing at us, take a listen to the opening track ‘Brutal Kings’.

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