Nightports team up with Betamax on upcoming new album

Adam Martin and Mark Slater, who make up Nightports, collaborate with other musicians to explore and rework their music in varied ways, with their single remit being to only use sounds produced by the featured musician. Following their first album with Matthew Bourne in 2018, their latest sonic collaboration saw  them join forces with Betamax, the incredible drummer and percussionist, also known as one half of Soccer 96 and one third of The Comet Is Coming. There’s an album on the way bearing the fruits of this collaborative labour, Nightports w/ Betamax, where the duo set about “amplifying the characteristics of the musician.”

“Within the depths of the drum takes, we found hidden melodies, chords, structures and bass lines which we distilled and exaggerated to realise this album,” Slater explained. “On the one hand, this album is fully improvised in that all drum performances were spontaneous, intuitive and responsive; however, they were then subjected to editing and manipulation to arrive at a sound that is neither purely improvised nor constructed.”

Nightports w/ Betamax is set for release on June 12th through The Leaf Label but we can already listen to the rhythmically wild, relentless and hypnotic single ‘Hydro’.

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