Mouse On The Keys release new EP Arche

Mouse On The Keys turned our heads a long time ago with their blend of influences and genres, from classical, jazz and electronic to math-rock, hardcore and heavy metal. So new music from the Tokyo based trio is welcomed with excitement. Akira Kawasaki (drum, keyboards), Atsushi Kiyota (piano, keyboards) and Daisuke Niitome (piano, keyboards), who make up the trio, have just released a new EP yesterday. Entitled Arche, the four-track EP sees them place the piano at the core of their sound again. Unlike their 2018 album tres, and last year’s single, ‘Circle’, which featured vocals and guitar, on the new EP Mouse On The Keys embrace back the instrumental basics. For a taste of what to expect, here’s the magnificent opening track ‘Praxis’.

Arche is out now through Topshelf Records

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