Aārp’s debut album Propaganda out now, watch the video for ‘Axis Of Evil’

Last Friday saw the release of Propaganda, the debut album from French experimentalist Aārp. As its title suggests, Propaganda is a political record, with each single track being informed by the press propaganda machine. Coinciding with the release, Aārp has shared a new single and accompanying video for ‘Axis Of Evil’. He comments on the song:

“[It] is taken from “The Axis of Devil States like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world”. That was the full line as it was told by G. Bush on January 29, 2002 and repeated over and over during his term of office, and was intended to get the American population to consent to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in which they had no interest, but which were of capital interest to the neoconservative camp of Republicans seeking to weaken the Middle East”.

Just like the video for previous single, ‘There is no Alternative’, the video for ‘Axis Of Evil’ was also directed by Marco Dos Santos and features political stock footage. Dos Santos explains:

“To make war, for the good of the evil that heals by evil, for the evil that is good and for the good of those who have not be best pleased. After all, evil would only be a dark interpretation of good, as it is never bad enough to act alone. But from blow to blow, the first one to offer would always be wrong, and the last one no comfort. 3 minutes of the axis of evil in a mixed video, “enjoy your meal”.

Watch the video for ‘Axis Of Evil’ below.

Propaganda is out now through InFiné

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