Kjell Braaten announces new album, Ferd, and shares lead single, ‘Østavind’

Photo: Kees Stravers

There’s a new album on the way from Norwegian musician and composer Kjell Braaten, who is also known as a member of Wardruna. Entitled Ferd, which means “journey” and “explore”, the album draws from a wide range of worldwide influences and sounds, especially from North Africa, America and the East and aims to honour the people who have traveled the world, promoting cultural exchange. “This aspect is highlighted through working with music in a historical sense,” explains the press release, “as most of the travelers’ instruments were brought back from far away cultures – bringing with them musical inspiration as well.” Braaten sought inspiration in Scandinavian nature and ancient sites where he spent a long time.

Ferd arrives on November 13th through By Norse Music, and ahead of it Braaten has shared the lead single ‘Østavind’, which is an old Norwegian term for the wind that blows from east. He commented on it:

“I use the word in the expanded sense, pointing at the fact that much of our culture (as many musical instruments) was brought back from the far east. It is a hymn to those who travelled there, but also to those who came here. There is endless evidence of how vital part this trade has played in Scandinavia’s cultural development. To underline the cultural exchange, I have used only instruments based on accepted finds from around Scandinavia, some with its origin in the middle east. The rhythms and scales used in this composition are from both cultures.”

‘Østavind’ comes with a video accompaniment produced by Ruben Gentékos and Tyra Rachel Torp-Bangsrud. Here it is.

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