New group Galdre Visions announce debut release

During this year’s pandemic, Olive Ardizoni (Green-House), South Asian-American vocalist, sitarist, producer and composer Ami Dang, Diva Dompé (Yialmelic Frequencies, Diva & The Pearly Gates) and harpist/composer Nailah Hunter joined efforts to create music reflecting on these times. Under the name Galdre Visions, the new supergroup is putting out their self-titled debut release though Leaving Records. “Each member of the group provides a unique sonic lens with which to view the realms beyond this world,” said Hunter. “Each member’s music recalls the sound of organic life in a different way.” Ardizoni also commented on their collaboration:

“Well, we are going through some extremely difficult times so there is no way that this project has not been influenced by that. I find that with writing music during difficult times you don’t really become aware, sonically, of the impact of that time until you listen to it way down the road. Writing this kind of music has always been a means of transmuting my pain into joy so that the listener can experience that by proxy.”

Galdre Visions have shared the soothing and inspiring closing track ‘The Sun Will Rise Again’, encapsulating their focus on optimism and on the shift from negativity to positivity. Take a listen now.

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