Kjell Braaten’s new album, Ferd, out now; watch the video for opener ‘Kyst’

Last week saw the release of Ferd, the new album from Norwegian musician and composer Kjell Braaten, drawing from a wide range of worldwide influences and sounds, especially from North Africa, America and the East. Following the lead single ‘Østavind’, Braaten shared the opening track, ‘Kyst’, which means “coast” and aims to honour travellers, those who set about on adventure and those who never returned. Braaten comments:

“The Norwegian coastline is enormously long and used to be the most essential way to travel and shipping goods. It was incredibly important to the people living here. Many travelled far to explore, conquer, most for trade. Some came back with triumph, some with defeat. Some never returned. Here, you can hear the excitement of those getting ready for adventure. You can hear the longing of those left behind, and the music in the halls of those longing. You can listen to the lurs calling the returning ships, and the cries to honour those that did not return. Also, you can hear some sounds brought back from far, far away.”

Braaten has offered a marvellous accompanying video for ‘Kyst’, where he is joined by Agðir on guest vocals and tagelharpa. Watch it below.

Ferd is out now through By Norse Music,

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