Divide and Dissolve share new single, ‘Prove It’, from upcoming album

Photo: Billy Eyers

With just over two weeks to go until Divide and Dissolve release their third album, Gas Lit, they have shared a new single from it called ‘Prove It’. The duo of Takiaya Reed and Sylvie Nehill craft music committed “to undermine and destroy the white supremacist colonial framework and to fight for Indigenous Sovereignty, Black and Indigenous Liberation, Water, Earth, and Indigenous land given back”, and as with the album, ‘Prove It’ retains that intention as they explain:

“Prove It – calls into question the need to prove you experienced something. If someone wasn’t there to witness it, it still happened and may have caused harm. Colonial power structures, power dynamics, and societal expectations rely on Black, Indigenous, and people of colour being Gas Lit and denying our experiences, because the predominant white supremacist narrative demands us to. When a tree falls in the forest, it has fallen. Prove It is about the acceptance of experiences of pain without expectation.”

‘Prove It’ brings together beautiful, dark and fierce atmospheres all at once. The track is offered with a video accompaniment, shot and edited by James Robinson. Watch it below.

Gas Lit is out on January 29th through Invada

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