Manslaughter 777’s debut album World Vision Perfect Harmony incoming next week

Photo: Zachary Harrell Jones

Earlier this year we were thrilled to learn about the storming collaboration between two of the most powerhouse drummers out there,  Lee Buford (The Body) and Zac Jones (Braveyoung/MSC).  Under the name Manslaughter 777, the duo are set to release their debut album, World Vision Perfect Harmony, later this month. Sharing an interest in electronic music and soundsystem culture,  on the upcoming record “Buford and Jones blend bracing and imaginative takes on rhythmic-centric forms from dub, breakbeats, hip hop and beyond for a phantasmagoria of bristling drumscapes”, as the press release explains.

Manslaughter 777 had already previewed the album with the fierce and entrancing ‘Do You Know Who Loves You’. The track comes with a video by Alex Lee. Check it out.

World Vision Perfect Harmony is out on March 26th through Thrill Jockey

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