Dummy’s debut album, Mandatory Enjoyment, out now

Photo: Dummy

Following the release of two cassette EP’s last year, LA band Dummy released yesterday their debut full-length album, Mandatory Enjoyment, through Trouble in Mind Records. The group’s drone-pop style weaves together influences as wide-reaching as 60s melodicism, 90s UK noise pop, spiritual jazz, Japanese new age, and Italian minimalism, to create a blissed-out, beautiful and addictive web of sound.

The album’s mesmerizing closing track, ‘Atonal Poem’, was the last single to emerge and Alex from Dummy had this to say about it:

“”Atonal Poem” is the sound of a rock band obsessed with new age music. We were listening to a lot of very peaceful music played on malleted instruments. It’s kind of like, wouldn’t it be funny to try to write a song like this? Why not break the rules? Why not challenge the expectations, especially within yourself? We wanted to create something uninhibited and untethered to convention. We had no idea where it would take us, but this track was the result. In the mythology of the record, this song represents the visitor’s journey home, far away from the atrophy and decay of life on Earth.”

‘Atonal Poem’ comes with an accompanying video. Watch it below.

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