Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci announce collaborative album Winds Bells Falls

Photo: Amy Mills

Winds Bells Falls is the new collaborative album from two utterly brilliant musicans with an eagerness to develop and explore new avenues of work, Robbie Lee and Lea Bertucci. Both based out of New York, Lee is an improviser and sound creator known for performing on a plethora of unconventional instruments, and Bertucci is an interdisciplinary artist, composer and improviser whose work spans through installation, sound, and video.
A match made in heaven, Lee and Bertucci recorded their first session in 2019 during her artist residency at Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works and continued recording at his studio. As the press release explains, on the album Lee “plays medieval and baroque woodwinds, celeste (bell keyboard), and tubular chimes, while Bertucci live-manipulates and mangles his playing, hands inside a reel-to-reel tape machine, transforming and regurgitating in real time.”

Winds Bells Falls will see the light of day on February 18th through Telegraph Harp and they have already unveiled the celestial opening track, ‘Glitter and Gleam’. Speaking about the track, Lee comments:

“What I love about Glitter and Gleam is this combination of the most magical sparkly dreamfolk palette that gets utterly destroyed by how Lea uses the tape machines. Because the celeste has no control over the sound after the note is played, the feeling of dialogue is really clear in this one — you can hear what Lea is doing to the notes I play, and then hear how I’m responding back. It makes an infinite feedback loop of listening and reacting. Even though the vibe is very mellow, the energy is quietly all charged up.”

Listen to ‘Glitter and Gleam’ below and be enchanted like we were.

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