Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci preview upcoming album with second single ‘Division Music’

Photo of Robbie Lee by Anna Webber, photo of Lea Bertucci by Daniel Melfi

After enchanting us with the celestial ‘Glitter and Gleam’, Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci have shared the staggering ‘Division Music’, the second single from their upcoming collaborative album Winds Bells Falls. On the new track, Lee plays a gemshorn, a medieval wind instrument, similar to a small ocarina, traditionally made from the horn of a cow or other animals. He comments:

“Division Music quickly turns into a buzzing swarm, but instead of becoming claustrophobic, it’s lightened up by the little gemshorn. It might have been a medieval shepherd’s instrument, but here it’s inherently funny sounding. Multiplied by the tape machine, it makes a huge racket for something so small. This is serious music, but we can smile while playing it. To me this track is like an adventure dream, and the gemshorn is some little animal guide, safely getting you through it.”

Listen to ‘Division Music’ below and grab the album when it’s out on February 18th through Telegraph Harp.

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