Tom Rogerson releases second single, ‘Chant’, from upcoming album Retreat to Bliss

Tom Rogerson‘s much anticipated solo album, Retreat to Bliss, will see the light of day in just over a month. Following the poignant and sublime first single, ‘Oath’, the staggeringly talented British composer and pianist has shared a new celestial track from his forthcoming album called ‘Chant’. Speaking about the track, Rogerson remarks:

“With this song, I’d made a conscious decision to write as minimally and simply as I could, after years of making lots of loud and complicated music. This was the first song with words I wrote, in an effort to express a lot of things that had been on my mind for some time but had lain unexplored. I deliberately left myself nowhere to hide, and for that reason I didn’t expect to record it, or release it, until I started performing it live in the middle of long improvised piano sets, where it seemed to make sense.”

Listen to ‘Oath’ below.

Retreat to Bliss is out on March 25th through Western Vinyl.

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