Alabaster DePlume unveils third double single ‘I’m Good at Not Crying’ b/w ‘Visitors XT8B – Oak’

Next week Alabaster DePlume will be gifting the world with his eagerly awaited album, GOLD. So far he has released two magnificent double singles, ‘Don’t Forget You’re Precious’ b/w ‘‘The Sound of My Feet on this Earth is a Song To Your Spirit’, and before that ‘Mrs Calamari’ b/w ‘Who Is A Fool’, both of which have left us itching with anticipation for the full album release. As we near release day, the aboundingly inventive composer, artist and activist is offering the third double single from his upcoming album, ‘I’m Good At Not Crying’, b/w ‘Visitors XT8B – Oak’. ‘I’m Good At Not Crying’ comes with a brilliant and witty video by TENTACLE, directed by Jordan Copeland. Here’s the statement that accompanies the video:

“The sun never set on the British Empire…

Alabaster draws attention to an outdated tendency to inhibit emotional expression & healthy communication using the the best example he can find – himself. Dressed in drag as a fading representative of empire, he boasts to the viewer of his ability to not cry, while beside him a choir of men sing in women’s voices. His lion is long dead and stuffed, staring with glassy eyes, and behind him, repeatedly, (and contrary to the age-old saying), the sun is indeed setting, on the British Empire.”

Check out both songs below and find out how it is impossible not get engrossed in DePlume’s life-affirming new album.

GOLD is out on April 1st through International Anthem, Lost Map and Total Refreshment Centre.

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