Listen to Hatis Noit’s new single ‘Inori’

Following the mesmerizing and poignant ‘Angelus Novus’, Hatis Noit has shared new single ‘Inori’ from her upcoming album Aura. Unlike all the other tracks on the album where the London based Japanese vocal performer uses only her vocals, ‘Inori’, which means prayer, features a field recording she took of the ocean one kilometre away from Fukushima’s nuclear power plant. Hatis was invited to perform there as part of a memorial and re-opening ceremony of the area near the nuclear power plant. The track is dedicated to the lives lost in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and to the memories of displaced people who hoped to return home. She explains:

“It was the first day that local people who used to live there were able to come back to their hometown. The next day I went to take a field recording of the ocean, which would become the base for this song as even after a disaster like this, the ocean remains the ocean.”

Listen to ‘Inori’ below and grab the album when it’s out on June 24th through Erased Tapes.

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