Mixtape #139


A seasoned musician with a background in drumming, and membership in rock and pop groups, Antoine Pasqualini began releasing music under his Monolithe Noir moniker in 2013, coinciding with his love for modular synths. The project gives him freedom to push himsef further into uncharted territory and bridge his influences across prog, ambient, electronica, folk, and Italian library music. Later this month he is releasing his third full-length studio album, Rin, a cosmically entrancing and groovy record brought to life as trio. We couldn’t be more stoked to kick off the month with a rad mixtape put together by Antoine. Tune in and zone out.

  1. Slowdive – Rutti [Creation Records]
  2. Roxane Métayer – Mille Pics [Morc Records]
  3. s t a r g a z e*, Greg Saunier – Returning the Screw [Transgressive Records]
  4. Ka Baird – Teaching Lodge of the Arrows [Rvng Intl.]
  5. Rémy Couvez – Dans le Désert
  6. Accident du Travail – La Boule [bruit direct disques]
  7. Roxane Métayer – Plus Brume, Que Lune [Morc Records]
  8. Green Ribbons – The Well Below The Valley [Matière Mémoire]
  9. Thomas De Pourquery & Supersonic – Love in Outer Space [Quark Records]
  10. Monolithe Noir – Balafenn [Capitane Records]
  11. June Chikuma – Broadcast Profanity Delay [Freedom To Spend]
  12. Roméo Poirier – Sarakiniko [Kit Records]

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