Saadi premieres video for ‘Snowyman’

Saadi is the musical outfit of Syria born, New York based songstress Boshra AlSaadi.

Last February Saadi released the single  ‘Snowyman’, just head over to Saadi’s bandcamp to stream and buy it.
The 7″ single is available now via Dither Down and it includes the original track and a stunning remix by New Jersey multi-instrumentalist Delicate Steve. You can listen to it below.

Now Saadi released a video to accompany ‘Snowyman’ directed by Nerenda Eid. It’s a visual treat featuring animated puppets. Here’s a description of the video:

“Nawang descends to earth with her sisters to bathe during a simultaneous winter solstice and lunar eclipse. Jaka spies her and falls in love, stealing her cloak to keep her on earth. She weeps for her loss and Jaka comforts her. They soon marry and have a child, who unwittingly discovers the cloak. Nawang confronts Jaka and returns to her home in the moon.”

Watch it now.

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