New cut unveiled from Can – The Lost Tapes

As previously posted, Mute will release Can – The Lost Tapes, a three-CD box set featuring unreleased studio and live material and soundtracks of unfinished films, curated by Can’s keyboard player Irmin Schmidt and Mute’s Daniel Miller.

Can – The Lost Tapes arrives on June 18th in Europe and a day later in the US via Mute and you can pre-order it here.

Last month Mute offered the groovy track ‘Millionenspiel’ off the forthcoming triple album. Now another great track off it has just emerged, ‘Deadly Doris’. The track, recorded in a castle, features Can’s original vocalist Michael Mooney. Here’s what Irmin Schmidt said about it:

“[This was a] spontaneous live composition from the time in Schloss Nörvenich. The owner of the castle – who let us use the studio for free – was an art collector and sometimes we would play for his guests at the opening nights of exhibitions. Malcolm loved to confuse the people by using an actual event – somebody was called Doris – repeat a few words relating to that event over and over again, like a mantra, obsessively until it would actually become scary.”

Here it is.

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