A Lull offer lead single from upcoming album

Chicago quintet A Lull, made up of Nigel Evan Dennis, Todd Miller, Mike Brown, Ashwin Deepankar and Aaron Vincel, have announced the release of a new album, Meat Mountain. It follows their 2011’s debut LP Confetti.

“Meat Mountain employs open  space as an instrument as well.” says the press release. ” Most of the core instrumentation was written live, recording demos, rehashing and rebuilding. The band continued to diversify its sound by discovering synth tones that seemed to almost feel like throwback sounds, but new all the same. There was more experimentation with elements such as saxophone solos, flute riffs and even cymbals into the recordings for the first time.”

The forthcoming album arrives on June 26th via Lujo Records and pre-order is now available.

Ahead of the release, A Lull are offering the electrifying lead single ‘Summer Dress’ as a free download. Check it out below.

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