Mouse On Mars premiere video for new single and announce new EP

German electronic veterans Mouse On Mars released their tenth full-length album Parastropics earlier this year via Monkeytown Records.

The duo of Jan St Werner and Andi Toma offered up yesterday ‘They Know Your Name’ as the new single off Parastropics. The single is available on a limited 7″ and it includes a brand new rework by Mouse On Mars themselves on the A-side and a remix by Machinedrum on the B-side. You can get it here.

Coinciding with the release, Mouse On Mars have unleashed a video for ‘They Know Your Name’. The video was edited by Pfadfinderei using footage from various biological cell studies. Mouse On Mars explained how it all happened:

“A few weeks ago, our French friend Charles Baroud (Laboratoire d’ Hydrodynamique (LadHyX) / Ecole Polytechnique) told us about his newest experiments: He is now able to color drops and stretch surfaces in a way that the colors don’t leak and the drop keeps its form, even if mixed with other fluids. Those experiments are used for cell biology research, but also create – as a side effect – really esthetic and crazy patterns. When Charles sent us a few clips of his experiments, we immediately thought that those images would match our track “They Know Your Name” perfectly. Charles then bought a high res camera (he, as the boss of his institution, is allowed to do so) and recorded some really cool video clips of the red drop, which we lovingly babtized “Steve Verlaine”. We then asked Berlin based visual artists Pfadfinderei to get this material to swing.”

There’s more thrilling news from the Mouse On Mars world. The pair will drop a new EP entitled Wow on November 2nd. The new effort includes collaborations with Vietnamese visual and performance artist Dao Anh Khanh and Argentinian punk rock band Las Kellies.

Whilst we wait for it to drop, check out the video for ‘They Know Your Name’ below.

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