Mixtape #32 by IG88

IG88 on Bandcamp

IG88 on Bandcamp
IG88, the solo project of Seattle-born electronic composer and producer Branden Clarke, won us over with his sound made up of layers of beautiful instrumentation and lush electronics. This month, he takes the high roller seat and selects 15 tracks that clearly resonate with his own compositions.

  1. The Mercury Program – You Yourself Are Too Serious [Tiger Style]
  2. Cepia – The Undeniable Bend [Ghostly International]
  3. Alias – Weathering (Featuring The One AM Radio) [Anticon]
  4. Lapalux – Quick Kiss [Pictures Music]
  5. Fink – Trouble’s what you’re in
  6. Of Porcelain – Signal The Captain
  7. Danny Brown – Outer Space [Fool's Gold]
  8. Federico Aubele – Postales [Eighteenth Street Lounge Music]
  9. Helios – Halving the Compass [Type]
  10. A Gap Between – Orange Horizon
  11. Jon Hopkins – A Drifting Up [Domino]
  12. The Notwist – No Encores [Zero Hour]
  13. Jel – Tittiesandcarparts [6 Months]
  14. J Dilla – Yesterday [Operation Unknown]
  15. The Roots Of Orchis –  A Man Cut In Slices [Slowdance Records]


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