Suuns unveil self-directed video for ‘Edie’s Dream’

Suuns - Edie's Dream

Suuns‘ second album, Images Du Futur, will see the light of day on March 5h via Secretly Canadian. Like their 2010 debut Zeroes, QC, Images Du Futur was also produced by The Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek.

The Montreal band, comprising Ben Shemie, Max Henry, Liam O’Neill and Joseph Yarmush, have previously released the lead single, ‘Edie’s Dream’, and they have just unveiled an accompanying video for the track. Directed by themselves, the video was filmed in the Quebec woods where Suuns spent some time writing and recording the forthcoming album. Here’s what the foursome said about ‘Edie’s Dream’.

“At first, ‘Edie’s Dream’ started as a kind of nightmare, with burial themes and the cold and lonely woods. But gradually, it melted into a kind of bittersweet daydream. Edie is stunning, she is family to the band and at only 13, she carries herself with the poise and confidence of someone who understands the music, understands the cold, understands dreaming and its different layers.”

Check out the video below.

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