Super Best Friends Club drop self-titled debut album

Super Best Friends Club - Super Best Friends Club

Super Best Friends Club is a six-piece outfit based out of London, comprising Jonah Brody, Max Hallett, Jordan Copeland, Jean De Talhouet, Josh Green and James Marsh.
The sextet first started when drummer Max Hallett was invited to perform at the Royal Festival Hall and “roped in some like-minded friends”, as the press release explains. Over the course of 48 hours, they created a half hour live performance based on “optimism, nudity, body paint, frantic dance routines and blissed-out pop.”

Super Best Friends Club will release their eponymous debut on vinyl and CD early in February via Hakisak Records. Lucky us, the effort is already available to stream and download on their bandcamp.

Here’s a couple of cuts from Super Best Friends Club to get you enticed, ‘Yes You Are’ and ‘Sunshine! Super Megatron!’.

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