OOFJ drop debut album Disco To Die

OOFJ - Disco To Die

Disco To Die, the debut album from Los Angeles based duo OOFJ is out today March 26th via their own imprint Clapyouclapme and Fake Diamond. OOFJ, which stands for Orchestra of Jenno, began as the instrumental solo project of Danish multi-instrumentalist, producer and symphony scorer Jenno Bjørnkjær, with the later addition of South African audio-visual artist and singer Katherine Mills Rymer.
Recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, Disco To Die is a lush pop noir affair drawing influences and inspirations from “Nico’s hypnotic gloomy 60s folk, techno’s minimalism and subtleties, Twin Peaks, the majestic symphonies of 20th century composers, and rhythms and structures equally indebted to jazz and trip-hop”, as the press release describes.
Listen to ‘Opal Skin’ and ‘Death Teeth’, the two beautiful singles off the album released previously.

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