Tricky offers new cut from upcoming album


Earlier this year, Tricky announced the release of his 10th studio album entitled False Idols. The album arrives on May 27th via Tricky’s new imprint, which also has the same name as the album, and it’s being released in association with !K7 Records.
False Idols features vocal contributions from Nneka, The Antlers’ Peter Silberman and Fifi Rong.

Calling the album “a stunning return to form”, Tricky said it brought him back to his natural instincts. “I was lost for ages. I was trying to prove something to people, trying to do something to please other people and also myself at the same time, which is never going to work. To be honest with you, I’ve been floating around since Chris Blackwell and Island. My last two albums, I thought they were good, but I realise now they weren’t. This album is about me finding myself again.”

Tricky is offering a new cut from the album, ‘Tribal Drums’, as a free download. The track features vocals from Francesca Belmonte and Tristan Cassell. Stream it below.

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