Brad Laner releases third solo album Nearest Suns

Brad Laner - Nearest Suns

Nearest Suns marks Brad Laner’s third solo album release and it has just seen the light of day earlier this week via Hometapes and Drawing Room.
The guitarist, songwriter, and producer composed, played, and recorded the album entirely in his Granada Hills, California home. The press release describes Nearest Suns as “an old new universe in twelve songs, shattering what it means to be called a singer-songwriter, messing around with the notion of getting older, and soundtracking the infinite distortion and infinite harmony of falling in and out of love”.
If you haven’t lent your ears to it yet, wrap them now around the warm, honey-soaked opening track ‘Be Gone’. It comes with a homemade video made by Laner and his brother illustrating the recording process. Here’s what he said about it:

“I filmed myself performing each instrumental and vocal part with my iPhone whilst recording the audio into Logic on my main computer. When finished I made a stereo mix to serve as the audio and sent all of the clips to my brother Josh who via his excellent taste and skill made it as entertaining to watch as is possible when viewing a scruffy 45 year old dude concentrating very hard on not fucking up”.

Here’s the live video for ‘Be Gone’ and the album version straight after.

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