Monogrenade drop first single from forthcoming second album Composite

Monogrenade - Composite

Montreal based outfit Monogrenade have announced the follow-up to their 2011’s Tantale. The band’s somophore album, Composite, will be released on February 4th via Bonsound.
On Composite, the lyrics are what connects its title and the music, as singer-songwriter Jean-Michel Pigeon explained. “We are complex beings, made up of genetic, environmental, chaotic baggage. We are too small (or too big) to understand all of our complexities. We sail through as if we knew what we should do, what is right and what is wrong. Like planets revolving around the Sun, old ancestors orbit around us as if they knew our secrets.”.

Ahead of the album’s release, Monogrenade have shared the first single ‘Métropolis’, named and inspired by Fritz Lang’s 1927 German sci-fi film. Listen to the track below and watch the spacial album trailer straight after.

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