Jettison Tape releases debut album Second Sleep

Jettison Tape - Second Sleep

Brooklyn via Chicago via Bloomington musician and composer Dave Fischoff has been crafting and recording music for twenty years now. Two years after Fischoff debuted his solo career in 1994,  Secretly Canadian put out his first cassette and a number of recordings followed it. Fischoff also went on to rework songs from other artists and DJing under the moniker Spoolwork, and more recently he has worked as a film composer. Jettison Tape is his new solo project, named after an old habit of his. Fischoff explained it:

“When I lived in the Midwest- in Bloomington, Indiana and Chicago- I used to scour the cassette bins in thrift stores, digging for old tapes that looked homemade and might have interesting audio on them. Much of what I found were recorded bits of other people’s lives- audio letter exchanges, little kids singing…personal relics on tape that were moving to hear, but also a little eerie, since they’d been lost or thrown away. Jettison Tape, as it were.”

His debut album, Second Sleep, released earlier this month, is an instrumental affair flourishing with several different genres and influences that encapsulate Fischoff’s vast musical output to date. As Fischoff described, there’s a lot of elements from his previous musical endeavours in this album, “from my earlier lo-fi indie records, through my soundtrack work on films and the beat-oriented music I’ve explored as a remixer and DJ”.

Second Sleep is a hodgepodge of wonderful, cinematic and timeless songs that will envelope you in its many layers. Head over to Jettison Tape’s bandcamp to stream the album and download it on a pay-what-you-want basis. Here’s two magnificent cuts off it to get you enticed, ‘Ghostboxes’ and ‘Paraffin’. Enjoy.

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