Yann Tiersen unveils first single from forthcoming album

Yann Tiersen - Midsummer Night

We’ve been eagerly waiting to hear a full taste of Yann Tiersen‘s upcoming new album, ∞ (Infinity), even more so as the French composer had teased the effort last month with a stunning album trailer. Conceived and recorded between Paris, Brittany and Iceland, ∞ (Infinity) features guest collaborations from Aidan Moffat and Amiina amongst others who contributed in their native language to some of the album tracks sung and spoken in Breton, Faroese and Icelandic.
‘A Midsummer Evening’ is the first wonderful single from the album to emerge. Tiersen explained how the track came about:

“The idea was to start with toy instruments as a reference to my early works, then manipulate the sounds electronically. Then I added a new layer of acoustic instrumentation, and repeated the same process. Finally I repeated the process once more with strings, so the whole album was a constant back and forth from acoustic to electronic to digital, and then back to analogue.”

∞ (Infinity) drops on May 19th in the UK/Europe and May 20th in North America via Mute. Now listen to ‘A Midsummer Evening’.

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