Watch Rebekka Karijord’s self-directed video for ‘Use My Body While It´s Still Young’

Rebekka Karijord - Use My Body While It´s Still Young

We Become Ourselves, the second album from Sweden based, Norwegian born singer-songwriter Rebekka Karijord, came out in Europe at the end of 2012. The effort will be released for the first time in North America on February 5th via Control Freak Kitten.

Karijord has unveiled a video to accompany the pulsating and warm first single ‘Use My Body While It’s Still Young’. Self-directed, the video features Siv Ander, a 75 year-old Swedish ballet dancer. Here’s what Karijord said about it.

“When I wrote the song I knew I wanted to have some sort of a visual contradiction to it, because of the quite direct lyrics and title. I imagined a sensual, older body expressing vitality and power. I find that older peoples sexuality and bodies, and a specially female bodies, are one of the last taboos in our very youth fixated society. “

Watch the video below.

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