Colleen shares title track from upcoming album Captain of None

Colleen - Captain of None

Having just signed to Thrill Jockey, French multi-instrumentalist and composer Cecile Schott, better known as Colleen, has announced a new album. Entitled Captain of None, the effort was recorded, mixed, and produced entirely by Schott in San Sebastian, Spain. The label describes it as “the most melodic album in her repertoire, with fast-paced tracks rooted down by prominent bass lines and assorted percussive effects”. Exploring new production techniques, “Schott tried to open the gates in the way she played, sang, and wrote lyrics for the album, and set out to explore how effects like delay and echo could go from the “cosmetic sound varnish” role they usually play to a fully dynamic, constructive, song-shaping role.”
Captain of None arrives on April 7th. Ahead of it, we can already hear the marvellous and enveloping title track.

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