Jono McCleery previews new song from upcoming album Pagodes

Jono McCleery - Pagodes

Pagodes, the much anticipated third full-length album from Jono McCleery, is coming out this Autumn. The Rotterdam based British singer-songwriter has already enticed us with the beautiful first single ‘Age of Self’. McCleery is offering another magnificent taste from the album called ‘Clarity’. Here’s what he said about it:

“As with most of the songs on Pagodes, Clarity was an attempt to write a song that stood against the themes of winning, possessing, consuming, etc. and present an idea that if we could strip ourselves from all these ego-driven pursuits (and perhaps of our clothes too) and see what’s left with someone special, that our time would be better spent.

It’s ultimately about seizing the moment, listening to your heart, removing yourself from negative influence, immersing yourself in love, and finding clarity. But also acknowledging the idea that clarity is not something you just flat out achieve or possess, you just get closer to it sometimes. ‘The clarity is closer’.”

Lend your ears to ‘Clarity’ now and be sure to grab Pagodes when it’s out on October 2nd via If Music.

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