Benoît Pioulard announces new EP and shares title track ‘Noyaux’

Benoît Pioulard- Noyaux

Benoît Pioulard has been incredibly prolific this year. Back in March, he put out his celestial fifth full-length album Sonnet, and he followed it with two accompanying pieces, Stanza and Stanza II, released in April and last month. Exciting news of a follow-up have just emerged. Thomas Meluch, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind the project, has announced the release of Noyaux, which translates from the French to “seeds” or “kernels”, a core to life and growth. Featuring four tracks, the EP “sees Meluch building on his more loop-based productions, a touching blend of weightless drones and yearningly sluggish melodies”, as the press release described.
Noyaux came to life after Meluch had seen a collection of family photos. “I began remembering a lot of things and events that I hadn’t thought about in 20 years,” said Meluch. Dazzled and inspired by this recollection of the past, he crafted these four tracks, each representing a member of his family – father, mother, brother and himself.
Noyaux will see the light of day on November 6th via Morr Music. Ahead of it, we can already hear the wonderful and ethereal title track.

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