Moskus’s fourth album Mirakler out now

We may have missed Mirakler, the outstanding and adventurous fourth album from Moskus, when it came out last month, but we now have it firmly stuck in our hearts. Constantly shifting and evolving, the Norwegian trio, consisting of Anya Lauvdal on keys, Fredrik Luhr Deitrichson on double bass and Hans Hulbaekmo on drums/percussion, take a free-form approach to improvisation, with new elements and different moods from song to song. In their universe, “there may be no such thing as a finished product, as everything remains permanently in flux and subject to further adaption and change”, describes the album’s blurb. “Even as it is articulated, a thought or musical phrase is already being reconsidered or evolving into something else. This is contingent music, hyper-alert to nuance and environment, changing like temperature or the weather just as the dynamic of the trio shifts its emphasis when roles are exchanged or the lead swapped from one player to another.”

Here’s an album teaser for a little taste of what you’ve been missing out on.

Mirakler is out now through Hubro

Liars announce new album and share lead single ‘Murdrum’

After re-emerging last year as the solo project of singer and guitarist Angus Andrew, Liars released a killer of an album, TFCF, and we haven’t put it down since. A sequel to the album has been announced, Titles With The Word Fountain, arriving digitally and on cassette on September 21st and on vinyl on November 2nd through Mute. The new album was recorded during the TFCF sessions but as Angus explained, none of it was material left out. “To me it’s more like a sequel. I chose the songs that appear on TFCF based on how well they addressed the trauma of a failed creative relationship, whereas the material on Titles With The Word Fountain is more playful despite revolving around the same sentiments.”

The news comes with the first single from Titles With The Word Fountain, ‘Murdrum’, and we can’t stop playing it.

Liars are also set to release a limited split single with Tropical Fuck Storm as part of Famous Class’s LAMC series on September 28th.

Don The Tiger set to release second album Matanzas in October

Don The Tiger, the project of Galician musician Adrián de Alfonso, has been making some noise, first on the underground scene of Barcelona before relocating to Berlin in 2011. With a number of memberships in bands like Bèstia Ferida, Veracruz, Capitán y Homenatges, he has also worked with the likes of Lydia Lunch, Mark Cunningham, Robert Forster and Carla Bozulich.

Five years on from the release of Varadero, Don The Tiger is back with a new solo album called Matanzas. Like his previous effort, the upcoming record is also titled after a Cuban coastal town where rumba born.

He comments on Matanzas:

“Matanzas is informed by the DIY tactics that I have been applying to music since I started playing in no-wave or noise bands, methods which I somehow deprived of their typical confrontational charge. I used feedback, heavy discontinuity, tactile mikings, small pitch alterations, extreme imaging, or even self-made instruments to produce sound in the same way I used a bamboo sax, or a Colombian tiple. Once the palette was compiled, I just had to focus on melody, arrangements, rhythm, and narrative. The best hints came from my compulsive daily intake: the incredibly wide Cuban and Colombian musical heritage, the hidden connotations behind blues and soul, the disruptive drive of musique concrète, Thelonious Monk’s angles, the cockiness of psychobilly and salsa, the softness of certain torch singers from the late 50s, Erik Satie’s futuristic synthesis, the gaudiness of ‘90s video-game music, the slow pace of the sardana, Burundi’s brutally intimate chants, the brassy fantasy of the baroque… Ultra-distinct approaches from the past which happen to be sufficiently naked, articulate, and bold to make any present resonate with a tremendous frequency. Little by little these musical obsessions determined my own tradition, and therefore an eventual frame for creation, but the real pursuit came from somewhere else: making the music that I want to hear.

Lyrics-wise, Matanzas delves into issues that matter to me, such as loss, impossibility of change, unwholesome desire, and love, but the album sets also a narration unfolding between salt and foam. These songs grew strong in a shipyard and were brought back by some cargos to a smoggy rusty boardwalk where they could graciously live. You can hear engine noises, ropes creaking, the breeze penetrating very slowly… There are marine entities of various types: colonizing species, cetaceans that man murders without mercy, and sharks that will take their revenge at the most unexpected moment. There’s even a parrot missing somewhere in Panama…”

We’ll have to wait until October 19th for the album to drop through Crammed Discs but we can already hear the first single ‘Cantos al Aral menguante’, which translates as Chants To The Shrinking Aral. The track has been paired with a video and you can watch it below.

Sam Slater shares title track from upcoming debut album Wrong Airport Ghost

Recently signed to Bedroom Community, Berlin based British composer, producer and sound artist Sam Slater is gearing up to release his debut album Wrong Airport Ghost on October 5th. The album is all centred around one-stringed ancient instrument, a relationship that was first developed in the summer of 2016,  when Slater was in Rajastahn, India, working with musician Krishna Bhopa. The pair manipulated and explored the mechanics of the stringed instrument, as the press release explains. “They relentlessly pulled it apart to begin to understand what made it work and what caused it to break. This very idea of deconstruction became fundamental to the whole process. Just like every sound comes from one source, the concept of dismantling it in order to build another is essential.”

Slater continued working and reworking the project last year in New York, before its final transformations in Iceland where he worked with producers Alfie Brooks and Bridget Ferill.

The album’s title track, both weird and wonderful, is now streaming with an accompanying video directed by Ben Haven Taylor. Wrap your ears around it.

Jerusalem In My Heart announce third album Daqa’iq Tudaiq

We have been under the spell of Jerusalem In My Heart‘s compelling and entrancing compositions for a while now, so we’re excited to know they are back with a new album. Entitled called Daqa’iq Tudaiq, which translates as “minutes that bother/oppress/harass”, it follows 2015’s widely acclaimed If He Dies, If If If If If If and arrives on October 5th through Constellation. Currently operating as the duo of extraordinary composer and producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and Charles-André Coderre delivering live projections on 16mm film, the new album sees Jerusalem In My Heart continue “to expand the horizons of its profound conceptual and aesthetic engagement with Arabic/Middle-Eastern traditions”, as the press release describes.
Envisioned by Moumneh for a long time, side one is a dream come true, featuring a modern orchestral version of the popular Egyptian classic Ya Garat Al Wadi by Mohammad Abdel Wahab. To bring this adaptation to life, Moumneh assembled a 15-piece orchestra in Beirut, and prolific composer and musician Sam Shalabi as arranger and musical director.
On side two the record offers four tracks by Moumneh “which push rupture and decomposition/recomposition of tradition further into avant-garde territory”. The otherworldly and mesmerising ‘Thahab, Mish Roujou’, Thahab’ is one of these four tracks, and it serves as a wonderful first taste for what’s to come. The track comes with a video by Charles-André Coderre. Watch it below.

In other related news, Jerusalem In My Heart have announced a string of live dates in Canada and Europe, including a show at London’s Cafe Oto on November 15th. The tour will also see them return to Le Guess Who? this November, after enriching the festival last year as one of its phenomenal co-curators. With a special live performance in store on November 8th, they will present the project Don’t Say The Moon Has Set with an oriental orchestra from Beirut.

Listen to Matt Calvert’s new single ‘Mute Heart’ off forthcoming debut solo record

Ahead of the imminent release of Typewritten, the debut solo album of acoustic compositions from accomplished producer and musician Matt Calvert, there’s very good reasons to be excited for this release. After sharing the immensely beautiful first single ‘12051‘, Calvert has now unveiled another intricately stunning and delicate song called ‘Mute Heart’. Here it is.

Typewritten is out on September 7th through Truant.