Adult Jazz unveil accompanying video for ‘Ooh Ah Eh’

Adult Jazz - Ooh Ah EhFollowing the outstanding 2014 debut album Gist Is, Adult Jazz released Earrings Off, a 7-track EP, earlier in May via TriAngle. Lead singer Harry Burgess explained the themes behind the record:

“The record is about masculinity. Embodiment, lust, idealisation, privilege, legitimacy and limitation. It’s about acknowledging the weight, with a view to liberation from its past clout. It’s about picking your ideal body, and playing with body language to achieve authenticity. It’s about the possibility of authenticity.”

The quartet have been pairing the EP’s songs with videos and the latest to emerge accompanies the sublime ‘Ooh Ah Eh’. The video was directed by Sam Travis, and as the band puts it “it’s iffy, not for dinnertime”.

Mixtape #73

This month's guest mixtape comes from the excellent, eccentric and boisterous Perhaps Contraption. The nine piece art-rock brass marching band is known for its high energy shows, blending a wide variety of musical genres like post-minimalism, jazz, contemporary classical, and avant-rock. We're happy to confirm that the music selection sent to us by artistic director and piccolo/flute player Christo Squier is just as eclectic, fun and frantic.


Oliver Coates reworks track from Adult Jazz’s debut album

Adult Jazz

British quartet Adult Jazz released their outstanding debut album Gist Is last month. The enveloping opening track ‘Hum’  has been reworked by experimental composer and cellist Oliver Coates, who has worked and continues to work with an array of creative outfits, including Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, DOOM, Micachu and Massive Attack. Whilst Adult Jazz’s Harry Burgess dazzles us with his vocals on the original track, the Oliver Coates’ cover features the delicate voice of Scottish collaborator Chrysanthemum Bear. Let yourself immerse into the beauty of this cover.

Adult Jazz announce debut album release

adut Jazz - the bandWe have been following Adult Jazz since we first saw them opening for Juana Molina last year. We immediately fell in love with the voice scales of lead singer Harry Burgess and all the band’s magical melodies. Now we are super excited to see their first album Gist Is coming out through Spare Thought on 4th August. They have also revealed their newest song which tickles the ears with its beautiful composition and intrigues the mind with imaginary explorations. Enjoy ‘Spook’ below.