Le Guess Who?’s Who 2019: Ami Dang

There’s just over a week to go before Le Guess Who? takes over Utrecht. With over 150 artists set to perform, how do we make sense of such a monumental line-up? We made a list of the artists we’re most excited to see and asked them for their recommendations.

Ami Dang

Official Website

Performing Saturday 9th November at Janskerk

Based in Baltimore, Ami Dang has woven herself into the fabric of the local DIY music scene for a decade now. An extraordinary vocalist, sitarist, producer and composer, Ami released a new album last August, Parted Plains, a mesmerizing and transcending all instrumental record blending ambient, trance and electronic music, and inspired by South Asian and Middle Easter folktales. We are thrilled to see her live at Le Guess Who? and asked her what other artists she is looking forward to seeing live.  Read on to find out.


“I very intentionally focused on womyn (and POC) artists as my choices, even though I’m also interested in some male and male, white musician.”

Dossier X

Performing Sunday 10th November at TivoliVredenburg, curated by Patrick Higgins

“I met Monica Mirabile ten years ago when she was making costumes and helping with art direction for an avant musical theatre adaptation of the Japanese story Matsukaze. I saw her blossom into an amazing movement artist and dancer in Baltimore and then further develop her work after she moved to Brooklyn. She is one-half of FlucT, and continues to surprise and impress me with every project she’s involved in. I would never miss an opportunity to see her work! She also choreographed Mitski’s video for “Washing Machine Heart.”




Performing Saturday 9th November at Stadsschouwburg, curated by Jenny Hval

“I’m really surprised (and maybe embarrassed?) that I hadn’t heard of Haco before now. She’s been around for a while, so I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of her. But then I thought, of course we haven’t heard about her much: she a womyn artist of color who uses electronics/technology–which is a very white, cis-male-dominated space.
I checked out her work, and it seems that she might be a jack and master of all trades: performance art, sound art and music, visual direction–she does it all! Listening to her work was like walking through a park of classical sculptures that turn into cyborgs right before your eyes.



Performing Friday 8th November at TivoliVredenburg, curated by Iris van Herpen & Salvador Breed

“In 2015, I was obsessively listening to Lafawndah’s Soundcloud page. I was totally absorbed in her expressive yet somewhat nasal voice and the mashup of splashy beats and contemporary electronics. I haven’t gotten a chance to see her live, but her videos and photos offer a glimpse into a fantastic world that can only manifest into a grand production.”


Le Guess Who? will take place 7-10 November. For the full line-up, tickets and more info visit leguesswho.com. And take a look at other artists we’re excited about picking their own Le Guess Who?’s Who.

Watch Ami Dang’s video for ‘Sohni’

Following the recent release of Parted Plains, Ami Dang has shared an accompanying video for the song ‘Sohni’, which is also her favourite track from the album. The video is by Nicole Ginelli. Watch it now.

In other related good news, Ami Dang has announced a string of Autumn dates across North America, but there’s a special date in Europe too with a show on November 9th at Utrecht´s Le Guess Who? festival.

Ami Dang shares new single ‘Sohni’ off impending album release

Parted Plains, the new album from Baltimore based vocalist, sitarist, producer and composer Ami Dang, is out in two weeks and she had already shared two singles off it, the delicate and gorgeous ‘Raiments´ and the mesmerizing ‘Love-liesse’. To get us even more excited ahead of the album’s release, Dang has released the new single ‘Sohni’, which is also her favorite track.

Parted Plains is out on August 2nd through Leaving Records.

Ami Dang unveils video for new single ‘Love-liesse’

After sharing the delicate and gorgeous single ‘Raiments´, Ami Dang is teasing her upcoming album Parted Plains with a new mesmerizing track, ‘Love-liesse’. It comes with a video accompaniment, which reflects how Dang was inspired by South Asian and Middle Eastern folktales, and featuring her own footage of a trip to India and 18th century paintings of the tragic romance of Sohni Mahiwal. The video was directed by Meredith Moore, who had this to say about it:

“This music video was directly inspired by Ami’s interest in South Asian and Middle Eastern folktales, specifically the tragic romance Sohni Mahiwal which tells the tale of forbidden love outside the rules of the caste system which ends in the lovers’ deaths.

Using footage Ami shot on her travels to India and 18th century paintings of the tragic romance Sohni Mahiwal, the video mimics Ami’s process of making music, combining traditional methods with modern digital electronic methods, by using the grey & white “transparency” grid as a sort of digital liminal space-a space from which all creation begins-to allow further rumination and where the images from the paintings are transformed and reconstituted into a vast digital landscape to create a new vision.

In this new vision, the lovers do not perish in the choppy waters, instead they are happily reunited above the waters, depicted here in the late 18th century painting “Embracing Lovers with Sparklers” which shows a loving couple during Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, which celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.”

Here´s ‘Love-liesse’.

Parted Plains is out on August 2nd through Leaving Records.

Ami Dang announces instrumental album Parted Plains

Photo: Missy Malouff

Baltimore based vocalist, sitarist, producer and composer Ami Dang has announced the release of her new album Parted Plains. An all instrumental affair, the record will see the light of day on August 2nd through Leaving Records. Blending ambient, trance and electronic music, Parted Plains is inspired by South Asian and Middle Eastern folktales. As the press release describes, Dang drew influences from “the four tragic romances of Punjab, Sohni Mahiwal, Sassi Punnun, Heer Ranjha, and Mirza Sahiba; Flora Annie Steel’s Tales of the Punjab: Folklore of India, and selected stories from One Thousand and One Nights.”

Ahead of the album´s release, Dang has shared the single ‘Raiments’ and it serves as a delicate and gorgeous taste from what´s on offer. Take a listen now.