Black Flower preview upcoming album with title track ‘Magma’

After sharing ‘O Fogo’, Black Flower are giving us another excellent reason to be excited for their upcoming album, Magma, with its title track unveiled as the second single. They comment:

“We present this latest single as a metaphor for what is to come – moments in time when music comes to the surface taking a concrete form, shared and used to amplify the beauty of life. Being the title track of the upcoming album it reflects a boiling, churning, silent energy. It is the core, the source. It is a state between solid and liquid and represents ancient energy and new potential. The track. An arching melody from the cornet gives way to an eruptive solo on baritone sax.”

Listen to ‘Magma’ below and grab the album when it’s out on January 28th through Sdban Ultra.

Black Flower announce new album, Magma, and share first single ‘O Fogo’

Black Flower are a Belgian collective captained by brilliant saxophonist, flutist and composer Nathan Daems, a musician who has shown his style and versatility in various projects like Ragini Trio, the Karsilama Quintet, Dijf Sanders and Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra. Exploring everything from Ethio jazz and afrobeat to psychedelia, western musical traditions and oriental influences, the quintet comprises four other adventurous musicians of the highest calibre, Jon Birdsong (dEUS, Beck, Calexico) on cornet, Simon Segers (Absynthe Minded, De Beren Gieren, MDCIII) on drums, Filip Vandebril (Lady Linn, The Valerie Solanas) on bass, and as of recently Karel Cuelenaere (John Ghost) on keys.

With a new full length on the way, there’s reason to celebrate. Entitled Magma, the album arrives on January 28th through Sdban Ultra and along with the news, Black Flower have shared the first thrilling single, ‘O Fogo’. The band comments:

“Organ and flute move like a dancing flame to the almost naive groove, giving the track a feeling of lightness and positivity. We imagine us to be crossing nature, slightly unprepared, excited to go on an adventure and eager to be stunned by everything we see. The track is named after the Capeverdian volcano and translates as ‘The Fire’.”

‘O Fogo’ comes with an accompanying video made by Philippe Werkers. Watch it now.