Brandon Locher shares new single ’Medium Frequency’

Mazes to the Motherlode L by Brandon LocherBeautifully moving from start to finish, ‘Medium Frequency’ is the delicate yet powerful brand new track from Brandon Locher. The New York based multimedia artist and producer caught our ears a while back, with his work in other collaborative projects including The Meets and Stage Hands, and we’re pleased to see him following his very own solo path.
‘Medium Frequency’ starts out quietly, wrapped in mystique and delicacy, before blossoming into an ecstatic affair. Blending ethereal electronics with frenetic horns and gentle strings, the track cycles from moments of otherworldly beauty to ecstatic exuberance, and back again.
Locher’s new single also displays his versatile talent as a visual artist, with the stunning cover artwork having been drawn by him.
There’s more to come, according to him, and we’ll keep an eye out. Now listen to ‘Medium Frequency’.

Mixtape #59 by Brandon Locher

Since two years ago, when his ensemble The Meets got into our 2013 Album Picks with the outstanding It Happens Outside, until now, a few days before the debut release of his avant-electronica collaborative outfit Stage Hands, we haven't been able to take our ears off the incredible genre-bending sounds of Brandon Locher. So we're chuffed to bits to present this month's mixtape, kindly curated by Locher himself. The multimedia artist and producer from Pennsylvania brings us a mix chock full of fine tracks, including an excerpt of his very own revisited version of the magistral sound piece 'Conversations'.