Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno share new single ‘Idea of Order at Kyson Point’

Last month we heard the beautiful and delicate ‘Motion in Field’, taken from Failing Shore, the much anticipated debut album from Tom Rogerson in collaboration with Brian Eno. The incredibly talented composer and pianist has shared another sublime track from the record, the opener ‘Idea of Order at Kyson Point’. Listen to it below and grab Failing Shore when it’s out on December 8th through Dead Oceans.

Tom Rogerson will play a few select shows to celebrate the album’s release, including Mirrors this weekend, Le Guess Who? in Utrecht on November 10th and at London’s St Pancras Old Church on December 4th.

Tom Rogerson collaborates with Brian Eno on debut album Failing Shore

Incredibly talented British composer and pianist Tom Rogerson has dazzled us time and again behind the keys and also singing in long time favourite band Three Trapped Tigers, which he founded over a decade ago. A prolific classically trained musician with numerous other projects under his belt, the first album release under his name, Failing Shore, arrives later this year. The album saw Rogerson collaborating with Brian Eno, after the two met outside the toilets after a gig. Both Suffolk natives, they bonded over their shared roots, which plays an influence on the album. “I do totally hear it, I’ll listen and think ‘oh that sounds like the bells at Woodbridge, that’s the birds, the wind rustling in the reeds'”, explained Rogerson. “I think it permeates my music, and Brian’s ambient records. That ‘is it organic or is it electronic thing’ is so interesting”.

Freshly signed to Dead Oceans, his debut album will see the light of day on December 8th. Luckily, we can already hear the utterly beautiful and delicate ‘Motion in Field’, serving as a spellbinding first taste of what’s to come.

In other related news, Tom Rogerson has announced a few live dates, including a show at London’s Mirrors Festival on 28 October and Le Guess Who? 2017 on November 10th.

Mixtape #73 by Perhaps Contraption

This month's guest mixtape comes from the excellent, eccentric and boisterous Perhaps Contraption. The nine piece art-rock brass marching band is known for its high energy shows, blending a wide variety of musical genres like post-minimalism, jazz, contemporary classical, and avant-rock. We're happy to confirm that the music selection sent to us by artistic director and piccolo/flute player Christo Squier is just as eclectic, fun and frantic.


Mixtape #60 by Sankt Otten

With March comes a new mixtape and this time round, German instrumental electronic duo Sankt Otten take the driver's seat. Their eight albums, from the first in 1999 to the latest Engtanz Depression, which came out only a few days ago, form a mesmerizing journey, closely linked to the pioneers of krautrock, ambient and early electronica. So it comes as no surprise that the mix put together by Stephan Otten is packed full with gems from exceptional artists, ranging from Harald Grosskopf and Maserati to Kraftwerk and Robert Fripp. Let's dance!


Mixtape #55 by Elfin Saddle

The earthy and intense music of Elfin Saddle, with its large melting pot of influences, is as inventive and edgy as warm and emotionally engaging. Co-founded by multi-instrumentalists Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie, the band's compositions are like delicately crafted invitations to wonderment. Naturally we were delighted when Elfin Saddle agreed to put together our first mixtape of the autumn. And here it is, filled with tracks that will make the summer want to stick around a bit longer.


Mixtape #45 by Mwahaha

We've never kept our love for Oakland based psychedelic pop band Mwahaha a secret. Their mind blowing 2011 self-titled debut album, which was re-released last summer, remains an active favourite of ours. So we're excited to announce that this month's mixtape was handpicked by Ross Peacock, the band's vocal, synth, and drum-machine wizard. He lined up fifteen tracks that will take you on a journey through time and space, and then back. Enjoy the trip!